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David Neal is a performance poet living on the "bracing" west coast of Lancashire.

As a published author and writer of poetry, musicals and stories, he is in demand for his humour and pathos, along with the wonderful timbre of his speaking voice.

Much of his work is comical, much of his work is sensitive, all of it is somehow on....


I am often asked how [and, indeed why] I write what I do.

For any budding poets, read this and learn a crucial lesson.



I had a thought the other night,

full of wisdom and deep insight.

All about the state of the earth,

its people and their intrinsic worth

and global warming and ozone holes

and how to prove that cats have souls

and how recession can be beat

and why no creature has three feet

and how to make all hatred stop

and population start to drop

and how to do away with war

and suck clean power from the planet's core

and stamp out crime and violence too

and organise the world anew.


I knew the answer in the dead of night

suddenly, like a blaze of light

and should it ever happen again,

I'll jot it down, right there and then.


D B Neal